zero energy modular homes

With durable construction and solar electricity, ZeMod homes deliver quality that lasts and savings that grow over time

Why ZeMod?

ZeMod Delaware is a unique program where not only do you get an affordable zero energy home, you get help buying it.

ZeMod program services include:

  • Homebuyer counseling to become mortgage ready
  • Down payment assistance for eligible buyers
  • Energy efficiency and renewable energy incentives
  • Access to suitable and affordable lots.

Energy Produced = Energy Used

Zero energy homes produce as much energy as they use, which means no electric or fuel costs. ZeMod achieves zero energy by having a super-insulated doors and windows, all-electric HVAC system which incorporates efficient heat-pump technology, and all appliances and lighting are ENERGY STAR® rated.

Grants & Down-Payment Assistance

ZeMod Delaware offers both Energy Efficiency Incentives and down-payment assistance to ensure the affordability of the homes and help mitigate the of energy efficient features of the units. Both forms of assistance are only be made available for income qualified buyers up to 120% Area Median Income (AMI). The ZeMod program will help you identify solar incentives which vary by utility provider.